The Mango Tree Garden is a community based program. The program has a holistic and child-centered approach; the children are respected and honored in their childhood and their natural, cultural, and spiritual surroundings.

Creativity is a way to both (re)discover one's own strengths and originality as well as to draw from cultural and natural resources to heal wounds. The Mango Tree Garden is a place where children can come home to their imagination. It follows a practice called the Garden Path. The Garden Path uses Earthwork, Heartwork, and Artwork. These elements together lead to healing and stimulate learning through play, which has a positive contagious impact on all children and adults, and eventually the community.      

Aim of the project is to offer a place of healing to all children, especially those who have been affected psychologically/emotionally or at risk of developing mental health problems. To heal them through creative play so they grow into resilient and mentally healthy adults.