So far, the Mango Tree Garden runs with support from private donations from generous individuals and organisations abroad.

An important donor is RideAid, an Australian aid organization (founded by Frank Surgener), focusing on supporting projects that benefit Cambodian youth: The MTG minivan, donated in 2007, is still used and useful until today for the MTG team to travel between Phnom Penh and Sre Khnong, where the garden is situated. Furthermore, every year Ride Aid provides financial support for the running costs and materials needed for the creative activities. In 2010 the Mango Tree Garden was constructed to its final form, a dream coming true! This was also made possible through both financial support as well as physical help (from Australian volunteers) from Ride Aid.

Some generous individuals in in Holland who have been supporting the Mango Tree Garden in Cambodia for many years through the Dutch Foundation Stichting de Tuin van de Mangoboom. The Mango Tree Garden would like to specially thank these people for their tremendous support:
- Marieken Meijerink
- Isabel van Beckum
- Jeroen van Beckum
- Gerry & Herman Middelink
- Johan & Bertha Lammers

Special thanks to NCF (Nederlandse Categoriale Vakvereniging der Financien: for the donation in 2015. 

These individuals and organisations below have contributed significantly in the early years: 
- Karl & Ursula Schär
- The Yogaschool in Holland (Enschede):
- Give2Asia: 
- Goutte d'Eau (a child support network):
Apologies for not mentioning everyone, but The Mango Tree Garden is also very grateful to many other friends who have been supportive, both by offering financial help as well as by sharing their expertises. 

However, more support is needed to keep the Mango Tree Garden going and growing. There are different ways in which you can help us. Please find out more information on how to contribute: Stichting de Tuin van de Mangoboom.